Thursday, April 9, 2009

Actress Charmi Latest Sexy Photo Gallery

Don’t get this wrong! We are not discussing the contents of Charmme’s personal diary, but about her upcoming film titled Kavya’s Diary. The talented actress will be sharing screen space with actor-producer Manjula in this thriller. Charmme essays the lead role of Kavya and the film revolves around her diary. Quiz her about the film and this is all she has to say, “Obviously, a diary contains information about an individual’s past, present and future as well!” The actress isn’t saying anything more than that to us as of now. We hope that the contents of this diary thrill us when the film hits the screens!

Very few in the film industry knew that Ravi Teja speaks Punjabi fluently. According to sources, Ravi Tea’s father was earlier worked in Punjab. That’s where Ravi Teja mastered the language. Buzz is that Ravi Teja has been conversing in Punjabi with Charmi, who is a Punjabi girl.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Actress Thirsha Latest Sexy Photo Gallery

It has been a while since folks have been talking about the competition between the petite beauty Trisha and the hot Malayalam beauty Nayantara for the top slot but according to sources from Kollywood, all that is a thing of the past and it is time now for a new battle that has begun.

This is said to be happening between Trisha and the milk white beauty Tamannah who has been causing enough ripples in the Tamil circuit with her honey filled eyes and a highly innocent but seductive look. Incidentally, the projects that have seen Trisha walking out saw Tamannah coming in. However, all eyes are now on the 27th of this month when the two beauties will be taking on each other in the Tamil circuit.

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