Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Actress Amrita Rao Latest Sexy Gallery

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao, who struck gold with her girl-next-door look in Vivah, is back after a year-long gap with My

Name Is Anthony Gonsalves. She says that she doesn't take any chances while selecting projects.

"I was working for the Telugu film Athidhi. Also, my films, which are slated for release this year, kept me occupied," Amrita told IANS.
"I have always been very careful about picking up projects because there is no second chance in Bollywood. If you go wrong with a movie you have to pay a very heavy price.

Actress Amisha Patel Latest Sexy Gallery

Amisha Patel says that when she starts reading a book, she just can’t put it down till she finishes it. “I just finished reading

Paulo Coelho’s Like A Flowing River, which is a collection of short stories about little incidents in life. I have read all of Khalil

Gibran’s books, and The Prophet is one of my favourites. I have also read books by Brian Weiss and RK Narayan. I love reading. In f

Actress Aishwarya Rai Latest sexy Gallery

If the sources are to be believed, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are not only acting in Mani Ratnam ’s ‘Raavana’

together, the duo will also sing a song for the film. It is also said that Aishwarya is learning Carnatic music for this film and on

the other hand, hubby Abhishek too has an experience of singing while he did some rapping for Bluffmaster title track.

So the idea of making both of them sing can be the USP for the film. Raavana is a big film by

Mani Ratnam and he is repeating his favourite actors after the successful Guru .

The shooting of the film is in progress. The husband-wife duo has just finished their Kochi leg of shooting and the crew has now moved to Ooty.

Actress Akshara Latest sexy Gallery

Actress Rekha who has gone through a series of name changes made a smashing debut with her film 'Anandam' but then she

has not been able to take off with her career and most of her films bombed at the box office. After that, Rekha seemed to have

gone into a recluse of sorts and was not to be seen for quite a while at least in the Telugu industry.

Rekha is another import from neighboring Kannada film industry. She made her debut in Telugu with much fanfare some time back.

She had high hopes from her film 'Okato number Kurradu' with Tarakaratna in the lead. But the film did not do much for the career of Rekha and she was largely forgotten.

Actress Aishwarya Latest sexy Gallery

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