Sunday, March 29, 2009

Actress Asin Latest Sexy Gallery

The word 'Sir' means a lot of respect and honor in the entire world, however in India this word is used at every instant and almost to everybody.

But it must be said that the film industry is one place where this word is used more carefully and when someone uses it, this word carries some meaning to it.

Recently, the hot beauty Asin was asked about her experience of working with Aamir Khan and Salman Khan since these happen to be her first two flicks in Bollywood.

The pretty girl said that she would never address them with their first name since both of them are quite senior to her in the industry.
It is also heard that the dusky Bollywood beauty Priyanka also addresses Shahrukh Khan as 'sir' only.

While this must have become a common thing for these three Khans to hear, it comes as a bit of surprise to

many who have seen heroines like Asin rubbing shoulders with them on the screen and addressing them as 'Sir' off

Ever since she began her career in the film industry, she has been tasting hordes of success. Starting in Tamil, she went on to steal hearts in

Telugu and from there on, she has marched to Bollywood and currently she is being looked at as the hottest girls in the Hindi circuit right now.

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