Sunday, March 29, 2009

Actress Anushka Latest Sexy Wallpapers

She is known as one of the most voluptuous beauties in the Telugu industry and today she is the top most actress when it

comes to oozing out glamour and show her oomph factor. We are talking about the heavy duty screen scorcher Anushka who

has now become the most sought after in the industry given her looks and her cooperative nature.

It is known news that she is all set to write history by appearing in a bikini for her forthcoming venture 'Yugandhar' and in this process

she has already begun her new journey towards cutting down the extra flab and weight. The changes have already become visible if one watches her latest release 'Souryam'.

Now the point is whether these changes are due to the Yoga that she has always believed in or is it the shortcut method of

relying on the technology of liposuction. The good side is despite her shrinkage

she has not lost out on her glow and facial charms and has been able to retain the cute and sweet looks that she has always been admired for.


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